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Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper Extract Organic

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Cayenne Pepper Capsules

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Exposed™ Acne Treatment

Cayenne Pepper

  • Cayenne Pepper Benefits Skin

    Acne Treatment

    Cayenne pepper has been known for thousands of years as a powerful healer with remarkable medicinal properties. Cayenne pepper contains high amounts Vitamin A and beta carotene, which makes cayenne an excellent anti-aging herb since Vitamin A and beta carotene are known to inhibit skin cell degeneration while also boosting skin cell renewal. Cayenne pepper also contains Vitamin C which is essential for keeping skin smooth, supple and glowing and also helps in fighting skin infections and acne treatment.

    Skin Care

    Cayenne contains a compound known as capsaicin, which has been known to fight inflammation. Hence, consumption of cayenne can be especially beneficial if you have long been suffering from any inflammatory skin condition. Cayenne is also a good source of B vitamins. B vitamins are some of the most important nutrients for keeping skin healthy. They also help in cellular metabolism and enzymatic function which is ultimately crucial for maintaining the beauty of skin. Cayenne is also a storehouse of skin-friendly minerals like selenium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Cayenne Pepper Feedback

    "I´ve been taking cayenne pepper since 1950. I´m 65 yo but look and act (attitude) as a 40 yo merry, hearty and well humored, positive. Believe me or not I never been sick in my life. with blood pressure, colesterol, fatigue, arthritis, gout, diabetes, headaches, joint pain, depression, stress etc. - Henry (US)

    "I used to drink cayenne and lemon juice every morning, on an empty stomach and it was very cleansing. Take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in water every morning, or twice a day. If a teaspoon is too much, try a half a teaspoon. It's pretty intense, so be sure to drink a lot of water afterwards! You can also mix with fresh lemon juice." - Tracy
    "This may sound weird for you, but cayenne peppers help reduce the swelling of a pimple due to its high concentrations of vitamin C and antioxidants.
    • Wash your face thoroughly with a bar of soap (until your pimples barely start stinging).
    • Crush a chili pepper into a bowl or similar container. Add a small amount of hot water.
    • Apply the liquid to your pimple(s). You may apply it with a q-tip, but do this at least twice a day. Avoid getting the liquid in your eyes or near sores and lacerations as it will most likely cause irritation." - Louis (US)
  • How to use Cayenne Pepper?

    Cayenne Pepper Daily Usage

    Cayenne has always been known for its many medicinal uses and healing capacities in the world of herbal medicine but it is also excellent for skin and hair. Add cayenne to your regular diet. You can spice up your regular recipes with cayenne and if recommended you can consume it like a medicine. But do not consume it like a medicine without consulting a good naturopath or herbalist. Cayenne can be topically applied to skin for gaining a plethora of benefits. It has anti-bacterial properties and can help in inhibiting growth of harmful bacteria.

    Cayenne Pepper Face Mask

    Prepare your own cayenne pepper face mask by mixing together milk and honey. Add a little powdered ginger root and a pinch of cayenne. Apply this mask evenly to clean face and neck. This pack will help in drawing out toxins from the skin while also helping in deeper penetration of nutrients. Make sure that you do not use this mask on broken, damaged or irritated skin. Also, do a spot test before applying the mask. And, of course, do not get tempted to add anything more than a small pinch of cayenne! Applying the cayenne face mask regularly will help in keeping skin youthful and rejuvenated.

  • Cayenne Pepper Side Effects

    Cayenne Pepper

    Use small, cautious doses only. Avoid getting cayenne into the eyes or open wounds. Do not use topical applications of cayenne products too frequently, as there is some concern that nerve damage could occur with daily repetitive use. Cayenne placed directly on the skin can cause burns and even blisters, so dilute a cayenne preparation in oil before placing it on the skin, or mix it with flour and water until it forms a paste, which you can spread on muslin to prepare a poultice. You also can mix cayenne with orris root powder and dust it very lightly on heavily oiled skin, working it in with massage.


    When making home medicines with cayenne peppers, you must take into account the widely varying intensities (heat) of different peppers from very mild to extremely fiery. There is even considerable variance in heat of peppers from the same bush throughout the season or due to the health and size of the pepper. Always taste peppers first!
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  • Cayenne Pepper Works


    Cayenne pepper benefits are many, like treating skin diseases, digestive problems, chronic pain, poor circulation and heart diseases. Cayenne works by stimulating blood circulation to virtually any sick area within you. By consuming cayenne your tense system directs signals to any or all parts of the body, so regarding send clean blood anywhere required. Cayenne contains Vitamins C, E and carotenoids in which impart curing; its capsaicin decreases platelet stickiness to ease pain. Therefore, it helps you to accomplish an all natural acne procedure by treating the body internally.

    Cayenne Pepper Powder

    Herbalists propose using pepper powder as an alternative to capsules, because your stomach prepares to get the pepper the minute the powder touches your own tongue, whereas when you swallow any capsule type, your stomach senses the particular pepper only a few minutes following gelatin melts inside stomach; hence, your belly is caught unawares and you cannot get the advantages of consuming spice up. Alternatively, you may well crush your pepper and apply it on your epidermis. In a study conducted among individuals having psoriasis skin condition, applying topical ointment formulated with cayenne pepper or topical capsaicin significantly reduced itching and discomfort symptoms.
  • Cayenne Pepper FAQs

    What is the best way to store cayenne pepper or capsicum?

    You can keep cayenne pepper powder for up to a year if it's stored in a fairly cool place at room temperature. It's been suggested that the best way to store cayenne pepper powder is in a hermetically sealed can.

    How much capsaicin is in cayenne per 1/4th of a teaspoon?

    One typical capsule of cayenne pepper, which is about 1/4th to 1/3rd of a teaspoon has about .025% of capsaicin. In other words, that's 1/4th of one percent of the cayenne in one capsule or 1/4th to 1/3rd of a teaspoon is capsaicin the active ingredient.

    How warm is the water you mix it with? Warmer than room temperature?

    Again, somewhere between lukewarm and boiling hot. Cold works too, though. I'm used to mine warm now and that's the way I drink it. That's the optimal way.

    How many capsules should I start with?

    Cayenne is very potent. One typical capsule of cayenne is about 1/4th or 1/3rd of a teaspoon so if you decide to add cayenne to your health regime, from experience, I wouldn't start with more than that.