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Feeling good about yourself is really important and life-changing. Benzoyl Peroxide & Salicylic Acid both proved to be the most effective acne treatment ingredients in combination with soothing natural extracts to unclog pores and kill acne bacteria fast while preventing dryness and irritation. Concerned to help your skin reduce mild to moderate acne and prevent future breakouts..

Exposed vs Acne: Personal experience

"I am suffering from acne since I was 15 years old. Used popular tonics, washes, scrubs and hoped it was all my puberty age and shortly the nightmare's gone. At the age of eighteen I started to worry having terrible bad skin and feeling really not comfortable. Went to cosmetology, where I took an expensive course of antibiotics. It was terribly expensive, but it helped for a couple of months to forget about acne. I was so excited and even could not believe over the first month, then.. got very disappointed! The effect was temporary, but to keep taking such procedures was horribly expensive. Took a regular year treatment course at a dermatologist, as I eventually disappointed in any Clean and Clear, Garnier and other stuff, and my acne bored me to death. Passed all the tests possible, took a bunch of pills, ointments, and herbs - the result was zero. Every visit to a dermatologist always ended up me getting a very long list of medications and lots of money thrown to the sea. However, I did want to have a beautiful skin like scary, so I continued to go to the doctor, buy drugs and drink, smear, etc. I ONLY had acne on the face, my back and chest both were clean. Found Exposed accidentally on the web. The article promised that Exposed acne solution is not a regular acne treatment, like those causing harm to your skin, instead it uses a combined approach that returns skin its normal, healthy state."

Their website promised the products to:

  • Help to get rid of the existing signs of acne
  • Prevent the formation of new forms of acne
  • Even out skin tone
  • Reduce existing acne scars

Ordered a full complex, most reasonable for the price, got the following products:

  • 1) Facial Cleanser, so called "Wash" - transparent, gel-like. Foams bad, but that's because there is no sodium Lauryl Sulphate, smells something grassy. Flavor is not intrusive, doesn't remain on the skin.
  • 2) Clearing Tonic - transparent, slightly sticky, quickly absorbed. Smells herbs, but remain on the skin.
  • 3) Acne Treatment Serum - white, creamy, thick texture, absorbed quickly and dries on the skin. Slight menthol smell and a little cold on the skin. (For daytime use)
  • 4) Clear Pore Serum - clear, gel-like, yellowish-green slime. Smells herbs. Easily spread over the skin, leaves a thin film. (For nighttime use)
  • 5) Moisture Complex - white, creamy, medium density texture, smell slightly reminds PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) glue. Moisturizes the skin, protects from over-drying and flaking.
  • 6) Clarifying Mask - a light beige color, soft texture, applied gently, spread easily, smells of sulfur, but not much. Cleans, tightens pores, makes the skin tender, soft, non-greasy.
  • 7) Microderm Scrub - white texture, no smell. Contains very fine abrasive particles. Leaves the skin soft and smooth, but the wound do not come off and the skin is not damaged at all.
  • 8) Probiotic Complex, also called "vitamins-probiotics" - transparent capsules, tasteless, something gray inside. Contains a standard set of vitamins, minerals as well as natural extracts.
  • 9) Derm-X ​​Cloth, so called "pad" - a specially designed fabric for the skin problem. Gently exfoliates without damaging the skin.

General Information:

  • 1) Pack Delivered in a neat box, protected by a plastic film. All tubes were sealed with foil and protecting membranes.
  • 2) Information Among the bottles and tubes found a booklet with a full description of all products and their values, 2 coupons for a further discount of the next order, and instructions for use.
  • 3) Quantity One Full course set - 60 days. Something goes faster (wash, for instance), something slower (serum). But the first product is gone no earlier than 60 days, provided you follow the booklet recommendations.

Warning: Some people get rid of acne once and for all, others as long as they use the stuff. The manufacturer does keep it in secret, but a minimal effect (All’s fine - while taking the stuff) guaranteed in 93% of cases. If the Exposed does not help, you can send it back and you will get a refund. Returns really are, but only 3%.

Application: I had the worst case, but surely achieved the positive effect and experience of using Exposed SkinCare Complex. First, as promised by the manufacturer my skin got cleansed, then after 2 weeks everything came back (as manufacturer also warned) and now acne are gradually cleared. Why is that? Firstly, Exposed dries and heals the existing acne, when the top layer of skin is cleaned, then gets rid of all that shit clogged under the skin (in the lower layers). Due to intensive cleansing the acne come immediately in large quantities. When there is nothing left under the skin, Exposed treats what popped up again, and the result - clear skin!

How do I use Exposed

This is my personal experience, but everyone makes a unique formula for himself. The brochure contains the basic info: wash, tonic, serum.

  • 1) Warm water + baby soap + sponge
  • 2) Sulfuric mask (for 10 minutes)
  • 3) Wash
  • 4) Tonic
  • 5) Serum
  • 6) Moisturizer

My results! I can not boast with a perfect skin for a while. But got the improvements: 1) Painful "cysts" stopped popping up. 2) When pimples come up, they are small, and have no red halo and swelling goes away pretty quick. 3) Acne scars gradually lighten, skin tone evens out. 4) The skin ceased to peel due to the use of medicines and ointments which discharged it earlier. 5) The skin became smooth and soft to touch. For the first time after many years, I am pleased to touch it myself. 6) The quantity of acne decreased, I used to have acne all over my cheeks. 7) Finally, the skin came to the state when going out doesn’t make any trouble. Who suffered from severe acne will understand me.

Already ordered the second set, while using the first one. Do not regret I forked out, it was worth it. Plan to use at least half a year =) Additionally, take a weak antibiotic to strengthen the effect.

Hey girls, that was the last salvation for me, at the time I was desperate to get at least some result. I understand it doesn’t mean Exposed will help everyone. However, if you are desperate, tried everything possible, but there is no effect and you do not mind the money - I suggest to try this package.

Useful tips:

  • 1. Keep a separate towel for the face and wash it every 2-3 days.
  • 2. Change your pillowcase every day, they breed bacteria. You can treat acne for years, but if you sleep on the same pillow case they will unlikely disappear.)
  • 3. Wash only warm water. Hot water may cause burns, and cold triggers acne.
  • 4. Use children's hypoallergenic soap and water, not to irritate already irritated skin.
  • 5. Use a minimum of makeup. Yes, it's complicated, and we want to gloss over the horror on the face, but it just hurts.

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