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Speaking of health care it is highly important to realize what type of skin you have. Safety depends on correct information, which is the basis of accurate decisions. Skin type determines which sunscreen soap, makeup, and acne treatment options you can use to help your skin...

How to Determine My Skin Type?

5 Basic Skin Types

Normal Skin – Normal skin is soft, elastic and firm to the touch. This is also considered the standard type of skin that all people should have. In size all pores are small to medium. It doesn't need any special care, unless exposed to dangerous environment factors.

Oily Skin – This type of skin has a shiny look and is firmer than normal skin. Pores are bigger, more visible and acnes are far more likely to appear, due to the extra oil produced by glands.

Dry Skin – This type of skin is firmer than normal skin, but not as elastic. Dry skin is a lot less likely to develop acnes because the secretion of oil is lower than normal. However, the drawback is that dry skin wrinkles sooner. Keep in mind that dry skin can be caused by certain factors. If your skin type is not dry, but you do feel your skin is tight, especially facial skin, and lacking in moisture, then try to identify the source of this change. Certain types of soaps, heating, prolonged exposure to wind, insufficient water consumption and certain disorders can also dry your skin.

Sensitive Skin – If you burn very easy in the sun and wind, and if cosmetics have always caused rashes and if your skin is irritated by almost anything, then it belongs to the sensitive type. You are far more prone to experience the unfavorable effects of exposure to the environment than other people.

Combination Skin – This is the most unique and rare type of skin. Combination Skin means that different parts of the same person’s skin belong to different types. A common pattern is the “T-Zone”, where the forehead, nose and chin form a “T”-shaped zone of oily skin, while the cheeks are normal or dry.

Skin Care Tips

As many people may know, the best skin care products are based on Aloe Vera. That kind of remedy has been used since the ancient times and its positive effects are well-known and documented. A long time ago herbalists have discovered that fresh juice of Aloe Vera can soothe and cure burns and other skin lesions easily. The vast variety of minerals, amino acids and vitamins contained by the plant makes it perfect for treating various skin problems.

Of course, Aloe Vera is the darling of the skin care market. Well-known skin care products and systems contain generous amounts of Aloe Vera juice. The ClearPores System, for example, uses the powerful Salicylic Acid to clear acne and Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, help it close the distended pores and heal the lesions. The System is designed to take full advantage of the plant’s healing properties and treat acne. This is just one example, albeit a very good one, of the many uses of Aloe Vera.

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