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How to Get Rid of Butt Acne

Why acne appear on your body?

It is known that the body is less susceptible to external infection, than the facial skin. However, acne on the body becomes very annoying in cold seasons, when the skin often covered with a thick layer of warm cloth. Constantly contacting with clothes prevents body the release sebum which causes acne, which is prone to inflammation.

People holding an active lifestyle, often suffer from bothersome acne caused by sweat and tight clothing. Synthetic fabrics blocking the air cause clogging of pores and increase perspiration, which is a fertile condition for body acne.

Butt Acne

It seems everything is all right: the figure is close to ideal, hair and eyes shine, silky skin is more and more like a peach. But, of course, there would be a fly in the ointment - large pimples on the buttocks. It is not only just impossible to sit, but not even wear nice suit in the pool. Sometimes pimples appear on the buttocks with surprising regularity. Let's try to figure out what is the cause of acne in that intimate part of the body.

Allergy to synthetic clothing happens much more often than you might imagine. The golden rule here: Avoid wearing synthetic underwear. Your skin needs clothes that can easily absorb moisture and breathes easily. So if your wardrobe consists of synthetic lace up to 99%, and you have got buttocks pimples, try to choose in favor of natural fabrics and the rash will disappear in few days. If you can‘t just throw off the synthetic elegance lingerie, use it only for the loved man, but don’t wear it for the night. An allergic reaction may also be caused by clothing made of wool. In fact, an allergy is often caused not by the fabric itself but by molds, mites and other parasites living in it. Therefore, you must either replace winter wool tights for cotton, or get treatment from an allergist.

Sometimes, in order to get rid of pesky pimples, it is enough to change laundry detergent or even your favorite flavored shower gel for tender baby soap. If your allergy caused acne because of personal hygiene, you will notice improvement within a few days. Do not be lazy to go to an allergist and do allergy tests, in fact, pimples on the buttocks (unpleasant but not fatal) caused by untreated allergy can develop into serious illness.

In an extremely tight pants skin loses the opportunity to breathe, so expect the appearance of acne, wear them only on special occasions.

Hypothermia of the skin is also way to get pimples and a whole bouquet of gynecological diseases.

Unbalanced nutrition leads to slagging of the body. Chronic constipation may affect acne on the buttocks. You can cleanse the body of toxins through the effective procedure called hydro-therapy, after which the skin becomes clean.

Skin disease may also cause the appearance of acne on the buttocks. Consult dermatologist in severe cases. Self-treatment can only worsen the state of the skin.

Butt Acne Treatment

Butt Acne is a serious skin problem and perhaps an health one. As most butt acne are not just a series of tiny pimples, but rather large boils or cystic acne, it can cause immense pain and discomfort. Acne on the butt, usually spread around the buttcheeks can be caused by hormonal dysfunctions or an oily butt.

Butt acne is much like other forms of Body Acne, but pimples on the butt can be quite irritating more so than others, of course excluding genital acne and thigh acne. In general, like all other forms of body acne, where ever there are pores, the glands in the skin produce too much oil. As you are basically sitting on your butt the whole day, there is an overproduction of oil from the constant irritation created from exposure to outside materials. This is similar to back acne, which can result in keloid scars if not treated properly. That’s why proper treatment is required!!!

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Acne on the butt is most likely a more serious acne problem so those with severe acne elsewhere should keep an eye out for outbreaks of pimples on the butt as it can become severe and unsightly. It also might be the cause of dirty laundry being worn again, such as your underwear, or the products you use in cleaning your clothes. (Chemicals affect acne, especially butt acne). If you might suspect this the case, than simply change your detergent or product, and your acne will go away. But most likely you need further treatment and prevent the spread of acne, which can later turn into unsightly acne scars. Laser treatment may help to get rid of acne scars, such as on butt and genitals.

Butt acne is not a lost case. Acne treatment that works for body acne will work similarly for butt acne, albeit not as fast because of the constant irritation on the butt. Since the causes of butt acne are similar to other forms of acne, it only makes sense that the treatments would be similar as well. If you already have acne treatments for other forms of acne, it’s worth giving those a shot first since they will hopefully produce the same results on other parts of the body. There are many treatments available, in accordance with the proper causes for acne on the butt.

Small pimples on the butt often turn into large boils or cystic acne as noted before, Be very careful with butt acne, it could be the embarassment of your life if it pops while sitting down, and a reddish-yellow fluid appears on your underwear and leaks through your shorts.

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