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Acne may appear on the face, back or even chest, however, not every acne product fits for every part of your body. You should avoid using products which are created to treat facial acne on other parts of your body.

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Exposed SkinCare



Exposed® 60-Day Expanded Kit (contains Benzoyl peroxide)





Benzac AC Gel - Benzoyl peroxide


Benzac AC®

Benzoyl Peroxide Gel (20 grams) 9-tubes Pack







Glytone Active


Glytone Active

Glytone 10% Acne Treatment Gel (contains Benzoyl peroxide)








Skin Cleansing System (contains Salicylic acid) 3.4oz.







Acnezine Revitol


Acnezine® Revitol

Acne Treatment Cream and Supplement (7oz.)







Differin Adapalene






Differin cream (Adapalene 0.1%) 15gr. x 10 tubes




What is Exposed SkinCare System?

When it comes to adult acne, although people will initially focus on those zits that appear on the face, many of them also have spots on their bodies that they would like to get rid of. Contrary to the fact that the best acne treatment solutions should contain only the best ingredients, many adult acne products on the market are "all in one" types that unfortunately are not always an effective cure for acne. Exposed SkinCare System has been manufactured as a combination of clinically proven and worldwide known acne fighting components, such as Aloe Vera (Sabila), Green Tea, Passion Flower, and chemical ingredients Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid in order to unclog the pores, kill acne bacteria, and help to renew the skin. Exposed acne treatment products will let you enjoy the clear, radiant skin you’ve always wanted. Read more ...

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my success story with Exposed SkinCare..

I still remember that conversation when a good friend of mine told me that his dermatologist suggested the best up-to-date treatment for his skin. He had also stepped on the rake, trying a bunch of cheap acne solutions, but finally Exposed saved him and his skin. I checked the Exposed® UK suppliers network to get more information and got convinced that this could be the answer for my years-long nightmare and personal tragedy. And it really helped!!! I've never been so happy and full of energy in my life. It is unnatural for anybody to suffer from acne and suggest trying Exposed SkinCare. My skin has become perfect, I restored both smooth skin and my confidence, and that's not an embellishment. It was a great feeling and experience, and I could eventually enjoy a great time going out with friends, speaking to people without averting my eyes, and just living my new life. After that long period of suffering I am now blemish free! Why had no one mentioned this to me before!? - Catherine (United Kingdom, London).

acne treatment tips

  • skin care tips

    How to cleanse your skin

    Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body? Covering you from head to toe, the skin is one of the crucial parts of your body's defense system. Remember that clean and healthy skin means a healthy body and a happier you. The skin is on duty protecting you 24 hours per day and keeping infections out. It is the first line of defense against attacks on your health. This is why it is so important to take care of your skin and make sure you are helping it do its job. By keeping your skin clean and healthy today you also prevent problems such as wrinkles or skin cancer tomorrow.

    Stay out of the Sun

    Yes, a suntan would look lovely on you, but you should learn to do without for a while. The risk of sunlight exposure is heardly acceptable when you become fully aware that the sun doesn't cure acne. Ultraviolet exposure affect the dryness of your skin and might even cause it to peel away. However, once you are out of direct sunlight, acne will come back. Prolonged sunlight exposure may also trigger skin cancer.
  • squeezing acne

    Biggest mistakes people make

    Despite nobody knows for sure, there's a good number of people who are suffering or have suffered from adult acne had refrained from squeezing their acne. In fact serious adult acne should never be squeezed by a person himself. This is a job for a dermatologist and to be performed only if he thinks it necessary. The main reason is that an acne that has been squeezed or picked open is practically an invitation to every bacteria around to enter your body and cause an infection through the tiny opening in your skin. If you think the danger is negligible, you are not right.

    Who gets acne?

    An estimated 80% of all people at the age group of 10 to 30 have acne outbreaks at some point. For most people, acne tends to go away by the time people reach their 30's, however, some adult people in their 40's and 50's continue to have this skin problem. Nearly everybody in the world gets acne. When the body shifts into puberty at the age of 13, hormones start taking over. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman or teenager. Both food or pollution may resault in hormonal imbalance.
  • acne treatment tips

    What is Benzoyl Peroxide?

    Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most effective adult acne treatment. The concentrations vary from 2.5%, 5% to as high as 10%. Recent studies however show that there is no benefit to use gel or creams containing greater than 2.5% concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide. In fact higher doses may reduce oil production and cause more harm then good. Benzoyl Peroxide have been known to cause premature skin aging, similar to your skin's reaction to repeated sun exposure or persistent adult acne. In 1995 the FDA issued warnings regarding the use of BP and changed its status from safe to uncertain.

    Salicylic acid

    Salicylic acid helps cut down the shedding of cells lining the follicles of the oil glands. Mixing Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide together. Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide both are very active chemical ingredients themselves. It is not reccommended mixing them together. It may obviously erase your acne, but more likely but more likely leave your skin uncomfortably dry and flaky, making it very sensitive and less defensive for sun damage, environmental toxins or free radicals...
  • natural & herbal remedies

    Cayenne Pepper

    The components of cayenne are C, E vitamins, carotenoids and capsaicin, which gives cayenne its healing properties. Creams containing capsaicin successfully reduce pain after surgery for patients with amputation or mastectomy suffering from pain in phantom limbs. It has been clinically proven that prolonged use of creams with capsaitin helps to reduce the itching of patients with cluster headaches, dialysis, pain from shingles, and pain associated with arthritis. For external applications, Cayenne pepper extract is used to treat a number of skin irritations in combination with other effective acne treatment products.

    Dandelion Root

    Dandelion can be used as a mild diuretic and can reduce serum cholesterol in adult people. Its root can be an appetite stimulant and it can treat some digestive disorders. Many herbalists prefer dandelion to purify the liver and gallbladder of toxins. Dandelion may also be effective in eliminating or averting facial acne and dark spots. Natural acne treatment may include: Aloe Vera, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock, Echinacea purpurea, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla Root, Licorice Root, Kelp, Cayenne, and Tea Tree Oil.
  • adult acne treatment products 2017

    ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

    Do you like practical every day acne treatment products that smell great? ClearPores Skin Cleansing System incorporates its fragrance into a line of acne treatment daily products for men, women and teenagers. Just like other effective medical treatments, ClearPores presents a combination of clinically proven acne fighting ingredients in order to unclog the pores and help your skin get rid of acne. Once the pores are free the wash goes deep inside the pores and eliminates facial and body acne by fighting the acne bacteria at its root from inside and outside.

    Exposed® SkinCare Coupon Codes 2017

    Exposed® SkinCare contains natural probiotics designed to balance your intestinal micro-flora, essential to achieving clear skin and a strong immune system. Vital minerals and candida cleansing agents work synergistically to balance your body and promote a healthy complexion. Exposed SkinCare Lab. is happy to offer UK customers additional rebates and promo codes in 2017.
  • types of acne


    is a pore whose distended openings is partially blocked, allowing some of the keratin, sebum (oil) and bacteria to drain to the surface. Blackheads tend to have a constant structure, and it may take a pretty long time to clear.


    is a closed pore filled with trapping sebum, bacteria, dead skin cells, causing a white look on the surface. These acne lesions sometimes seem to be easy popped. Make sure you know how to do that in a proper way before you try.

    Cystic Acne

    is a solid lesion shaped like capsules and contains liquid or semi-liquid pus similar to that found in pustules. Theese are the most painful lesions caused by acne and can sometimes last for months. Nodules and cysts tend to penetrate deeper layers of skin and, as a rule, lead to excessive destruction. Don't try to pop such a lesion, otherwise you may cause severe trauma and the lesion may last for much longer time than it normally would. Nodular acne and cysts is a severe form of acne that is treated only with isotretinonin.
  • shopping guide

    Dr. Benjamin, Dermatology Centre, Toronto

    Medical treatment of acne is determined by the extent and severity of disease, prior treatments, and therapeutic goals. Each regimen must be followed for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before determining whether it is effective. Make sure you consult your dermatologist prior to getting started with any acne treatment regimen.

    Comedonal Acne - no inflammatory lesions (Topical tretinoin (retin-a) or benzoyl peroxide).

    Mild to Moderate Inflammatory Acne - red papules, few pustules. (Topical tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide and/or topical antibiotic. If acne is resistant to above therapy, add oral antibiotic).

    Moderate to Severe Inflammatory Acne - red papules, many pustules (Topical tretinoin; topical antibiotic or benzoyl peroxide and oral antibiotics).

    Severe Cystic Acne - red papules, pustules, cysts & nodules (Topical tretinoin; benzoyl peroxide or topical antibiotic, oral antibiotics, and consider isotretinoin).