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Exposed® 60-day Expanded Kit (6-Piece)

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The US Exposed manufacturer is the largest full-service distributor of Exposed SkinCare in Seychelles. Orders can be submited securely online and are delivered quickly and discreetly.

Guaranteed Express Delivery of Exposed products to Seychelles: Victoria, Anse Boileau, Bel Ombre, Beau Vallon, Cascade, Anse Royale, Takamaka, Port Glaud, Anse Lazio, Saint Louis.

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Exposed® SkinCare | How to Apply Exposed by Steps

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How To Apply Exposed SkinCare Kits Effectively?

Apply evenly to the skin after it has been cleaned with a hygiene product and thoroughly dried. Step 1: Use Exposed Facial Cleanser [contains: Sage Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5] to gently detoxify and cleanse the skin. Follow with Step 2: Exposed Clearing Tonic [contains: Salicylic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Passion Flower, Aloe Vera, Sage Extract, Vitamin E] to help restore ideal PH balance. Step 3: Finally apply acne treatment Serum [contains: Micro-Encapsulated BP, Green Tea Extract, Azelaic Acid, Licorice Root, Chamomile Extract] to kill acne bacteria and prevent new blemishes. By following these simple steps and regulations you will get the most of Exposed SkinCare products and help your skin get rid of acne problem permanently.

Basic Anti-Acne Treatment

In response to controversies over reference treatments, dermatologists have updated their therapeutic recommendations. Acne is almost unavoidable, 90 - 100% of adolescents suffer from acne and up to 12% of adult women effected. In its most severe forms acne most likely caused by hormonal changes can mark an individual's life by leaving indelible scars on the skin.

Five proven approaches:

  • In the case of mild acne, topical treatment options, such as gel or ointment is usually sufficient. Two main medicines to choose from: benzoyl peroxide based products or retinoids (tretinoin or adapalene). It is possible to cumulate both if the improvement at least in 3 months is not satisfactory.

  • The upper stage, still qualified as light, results in the presence of white/black pimples over less than half of the face. The doctor will immediately prescribe the two local treatments and if this is not enough will add an antibiotic treatment, either topical or more frequently in tablets (-cyclines (except minocycline)).

  • Moderate acne (more than half of the affected face, many pimples under the skin or "pustules", and white pimples or blackheads), the treatment will start with local products and/or antibiotics in tablets. In care of poor efficacy after three months, isotretinoin is often prescribed (Acnetrait, Contracné, Curacné, Procuta, also known as Roaccutane). Treatment duration lasts: 9 months. Women are forced to take contraception during the treatment.

  • Severe cases (pimples and pustules all over the face, rare "nodules" -hard lesions, at least 1cm, rounded or oval) will first be prescribed antibiotics and local ointments, but if it is necessary, the doctor will not wait three months to replace it with isotretinoin.

  • Isotretinoin is a gold standard for very severe acne. Very few types of acne resist any treatment.

Tips: Among other things, these recommendations aim to accelerate access to isotretinoin for patients to whom it can benefit. Specialists also insist on taking into account the psychological suffering of the patient to choose which treatment to prescribe with the idea that the patient will be motivated to follow it.

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